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November 6, 2019
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Green Hoop Ring


Perfect SINGLE hoop earring for all piercings: ear, nose, helix, tragus,cartilage, snug, lower / upper earlobe…

Material : 100% Silver Sterling 925
Inner diameter : 9mm , 10mm , 12mm / standard size 9mm  , we prefer 10mm
Thickness : 1mm
Available for nose : fake – Pierced
Available for Ear :Pierced only

to put in, with a gentle twist motion, pull gently in opposite directions, moving one end up, and the other down, so hoop will keep its shape

* To open hoop the two ends need to be opened sideways (use a twisting motion) instead of pulling the ends directly away from each other, as this can misshape your hoop.

*To determine which size you need :
* If you currently own a hoop that fits you well, simply lay the hoop against a ruler and as accurately as possible measure the widest distance between the inner edges of the hoop. This is the ‘inner diameter.’


If not, simply using the ruler or a piece of string, measure the shortest distance between your piercing hole to the edge of your nostril

☆Please note – sold individually, not in pairs.
☆The size in the photo is 10mm diameter.
This hoop is without clasp
For more of my designs look at : click here

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10mm, 9mm


Fake, For real piercing

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